Natural DIY non toxic napisan powder (with only 4 ingredients)

Kid friendly Low Tox Laundry Powder

With a messy toddler I need buckets of this stuff. I’ve been playing around with different recipes the last year trying to create a great laundry stain remover that actually works and isn’t full of the chemicals in regular household detergent and I’m happy to say I’ve found it. And on the plus side its super easy to get the ingredients and make. 


  • 500g Sodium Carbonate (washing soda) – you can find it at your local grocer or online
  • 500g Oxygen Bleach (Sodium Percarbonate)
  • 300g Sodium Bicarbonate (Bicarb)
  • 1 tsp Lemon Essential Oil 


All you have to do is mix all the ingredients together and seal in an airtight container 


To use add 4 tablespoons into a warm soaking sink of dirty clothes and soak for 30 minutes + or add as an in washing clothes brightener and as 2 tsp into your wash along with laundry liquid. 

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