Mould Auditing and Testing

Residential and commercial mould audits in the Perth, Peel, Southwest & Great Southern Regions WA 

Think the home you rent or own may have a mould problem? Have you noticed condensation, visible mould or a damp, musty odour? Has there been a previous or present leak or flooding event? Or perhaps you have  been advised that you’re symptoms sound like you may be affected by mould?

This onsite comprehensive assessment aims to identify all potential mould sources (active & dormant) as well as condensation and ventilation issues associated with excessive moisture in the built environment and furnishings. To assist with confirmation of occupant exposure to mould, mould species present and/or to identify a hidden mould problem, laboratory sampling is usually recommended (please note that laboratory samples may incur additional costs). 

Your assessment includes:

  • An initial 15 minute phone consultation to determine your needs
  • A comprehensive environmental exposure history in the form of a questionnaire
  • A detailed health discussion and recommendations
  • An onsite visual investigation (3 – 5 hours dependent of build, moisture damage, mould damage etc) 
  • Use of specialist equipment and testing methods
  • A comprehensive formal written report (usually provided within 14 business days after your audit) detailing issues found, laboratory results, associated health concerns, photos, recommendations, remediation advice and referrals if needed
  • A follow up zoom/telephone consultation to ensure fully understand the contents of your report and answer any questions you may have

A variety of specialised equipment and testing methods are used to measure moisture content within the built structure and can include:

  • Flir Thermal imaging camera 
  • UV light 
  • ATP Meter
  • Protimeter MMS2 Moisture Meter
  • Surface sampling and air sampling using Bioaerosol
  • ERMI bulk sampling

Chloe does not offer any mould removal services but will provide if required referrals to appropriately qualified professionals. Chloe will test, sample and locate any source of moisture feeding the mould and if professional remediation is required you will be referred to a trusted IICRC mould remediator.


Residential and commercial mould audits start at $550. Any laboratory tests recommended are not included in the price. Laboratory testing starts at $70 and will only be recommended when necessary. For enquires and prices please contact us by clicking on the enquire now button below